ABOUT Yantra 

YANTRA is a Sanskrit term which refers to a geometric symbol first described in ancient Indian religious texts. Yantras are commonly used to channel positive energy and as an aid to meditation; they are used much like Tibetan mandalas.

A Yantra with five overlapping downward-facing triangles, also known as the Shakti Trikona, symbolizes the divine feminine energy. This is represented in the Yantra Endocrinology + Wellness logo, a medical practice that emphasizes both women’s wellness and the energetic, or spiritual, aspects of healing.

Endocrinology is the science of the endocrine system, which is the body’s hormone-producing glands. The endocrine system regulates multiple body processes, including mood, energy, metabolism, development, reproduction, and more.

Yantra Endocrinology + Wellness is solo-owned private practice affiliated with the Mount Sinai Health System. It is intended to be an intimate, collaborative space where patients may have the option to receive care from other like-minded providers. 

Other wellness practitioners, handpicked by Dr. Gupta, offer services that foster a holistic approach to health.



An initial appointment with Dr. Gupta will include a personal and family medical history, a medication history, discussion of symptoms, physical exam, lab workup, and, if indicated, imaging. Dr. Gupta has an additional dual certifications in neck ultrasound and ultrasound-guided biopsy of thyroid nodules from both AACE and AIUM. Dr. Gupta is one of fewer than 10 practitioners in New York City with these certifications. Thyroid ultrasounds are performed in-office by Dr. Gupta herself, who interprets the results during the same visit, while biopsy specimens are collected and sent to a cytology lab that can also provide genetic profiling of the tissue samples if indicated, using ThyroSeq.